puisi liar yang muncul di sela-sela per-essaian, per-makalahan, per-kuliahan rumah.

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You’re my
Celestial tea bag
Strawberry into my Champagne cup

You’re the star
on my night sky;
the illusion
of my mind

How could you
felt so close
yet so far away?

pinterest ae

You love the red rose,
So I do
You sent me the red one,
So I do
I sent you a bunch of red roses,
I would send you a bunch of my love too,
But unfortunately,
You don’t

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Babe you’re the stardust,
sprinkle in my wild berry tea cup,
puff into the air,
you’re the twinkle of;
Pairs of my eyes

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The full moon,
with the sun’s light
watching illusion of us
being together
at the darkness
at the fullest
my mind

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All we know,
It’s gettin’ darker
But we just need more time longer
To feel real

I’m afraid
Yet so courage
To see your face
In the dark

So then
My heart whispering;
If everything
Was written down,

Why we need to worry?


You’re my favorite series;
I can spend my whole day to
watching you till the end,
But I can’t

You’re my favorite chips;
I can snack it at one time,
But I can’t

You’re my favorite Celestial rasp tea;
I can drink it once gulp
without sniff in the rasp aroma
But I can’t

I want you,
exist in my life,
longer than

But I can’t.

a journal & random thoughts by meira; mostly writing while ‘drunk’.